Abstract: Six nutrient contents of 3 families with 19 genera and 27 species of fodder shrubs were measured in order to select suitable fodder shrubs to grow in the karst areas in Southwest Guizhou. And thereby promote the development of local animal husbandry and increase the income of farmers, then datas are made quantitative and correlation analysis.1)Indigofera pseudotinctoria and Broussonetia kazinoki meet the requirements of a typical protein feed.2)Mean values of ASH and NFE showed extremely significant difference among three families: The Moraceae had significantly higher ASH content than the other two families. The Leguminosea had significant lower NFE content than the Moraceae and Rosaceae; 3) There were high negative correlation coefficients between CF and NFE, EE,CP, and ASH, so the CF content strongly affects the overall nutritional value of fodder shrubs.
Key words: fodder shrubs; nutrient; correlation
?[摘? 要] 為篩選適宜在黔西南巖溶區生長的優良飼料灌木以促進當地畜牧業的發展,提高農民收入,本研究對生長在黔西南州的3科19屬27種飼料灌木的6種常規營養成分進行了定量與相關分析,結果表明,1)馬棘和小構樹均滿足典型蛋白質飼料的要求;2)科別間粗灰分均值差異極顯著,??骑@著高于其他2 科??苿e間無氮浸出物均值差異顯著,豆科極顯著低于薔薇科,顯著低于???;3)粗纖維與無氮浸出物、粗脂肪、粗蛋白、粗灰分均呈顯著或極顯著的負相關,其含量過高會影響飼料灌木的整體營養價值。
[關鍵詞] 飼料灌木;營養成分;相關性

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